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Grease Monkey - Salisbury #138

685 S. Salisbury Blvd.,  Salisbury,  MD 21801
(443) 944-8818

The Term "Grease Monkey"

dates to at least 1928 

Grease Monkey” originated during the Industrial Revolution

in Great Britain when children were used to grease the large rotating axles which were used to transfer power from one centralized steam engine to all of the machines on the factory floor.

These children, covered in grease and crawling in the tight spaces in the ceilings, were equated with greasy monkeys.

685 South Salisbury Boulevard

Salisbury Maryland 21801


Grease Monkey also refers to a mechanic's ability to delve into small spaces and fix problems that might otherwise be difficult for an average individual to access.

Driven to perform so our customer and their vehicles can too!

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